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Coming to Denmark to study will be your chance for an experience of a lifetime. Denmark is a small and peaceful country with high social standards, modern cities and beautiful nature. In Denmark it is quite easy to jump on board a train and go sightseeing. In just a few hours you will get from the eastern to the western regions of Denmark.

The Danes are well known for their open-minded attitude towards life and people. The Danish people are very sociable and they do not mind speaking English. Most Danes speak excellent English.

Furthermore, the Danes have always held great pride in their Viking forefathers, their national soccer team and the Danish companies who have enjoyed international success. As a proud seafaring nation with a long legacy of life at sea it comes as no surprise that Denmark plays a leading role in modern day shipping. Our nature has always been an important part of our lives. We are very aware of and concerned with the vulnerability of our nature. Appropriately Denmark has in recent years grown into a world leader in greentech, cleantech and biotech.

The city of Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark situated by the sea in the heart of Jutland. The municipality of Aarhus covers approximately 350,000 inhabitants with an additional 1,200,000 in the surrounding region of East Jutland; this makes it the second-largest region in Denmark.

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Tre studerende på Aarhus Maskinmesterskole står ude foran Navitas og er omringet af cykler