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Housing for exchange students

As an exchange student at Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, you have three options for accommodation:

  • You can apply for a room at Grundfos-kollegiet, a nearby dormitory.
  • You can rent a room in a private house
  • You can find something on your own.

You will be asked to choose an accommodation option in the application form. After the application deadline, AAMS will divide the rooms between our international students (first come, first served).

We will assist all our international students in finding a place to live in Aarhus. However, we cannot guarantee that all students will get their first priority. Rooms are divided on a first come/first served basis.


GRUNDFOS-KOLLEGIET - Grundfos Dormitory

Grundfos-kollegiet is one of the newest dormitories in Aarhus. The dormitory is a 12-storey building, which consists of 159 flats. It can accommodate approximately 200 students. The dormitory is located in the brand-new part of the city at the harbour where you will find housing, industry, culture, and recreational spaces. The dormitory is close to the centre of Aarhus, the forest, the library, public transportation and Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering.

The Flats and the Rooms

Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering can offer accommodation for six international students at Grundfos-kollegiet. Each flat is shared, so you will be living with one other international student. The entire flat is approximately 30 m2, and each room is 6 m2. The flats are furnished, and each flat has its own kitchen and bathroom. You do not need to bring towels, linen, etc.

Common Facilities

On the 12th floor, you will find communal facilities for all residents of the dormitory. Among other things, there are three kitchens and room for communal eating, a living room, and a roof terrace with a great view of Aarhus Bay, the harbour and the new part of the city. In the living room you will find couches, a football table, a big screen, a computer and a sound system and more, so this is a great place to go if you wish to meet new people.

The dormitory has a committee which occasionally plans “Danish food night” and parties where you can eat for free and buy drinks at low prices. This is a great way for international students to meet Danish students.

On the first floor, there is a reading room which all students at the dormitory can use to study, and in the basement, you will find laundry facilities and a room for bikes.

Rent for one semester: DKK 20,000 (incl. internet, electricity, heat, water, and cleaning of the room when you leave). The rent must be paid in one instalment before arrival.

Rental period: 15 January – 30 June/ 15 July – 22 December

Read more about Grundfos-kollegiet at:

You can rent a room in a private house

We have two rooms available for rent in a private house. These two rooms share a private bathroom. The kitchen is also shared with the homeowners. The house is located 4 kilometres away from campus. Using public transportation, it takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the school, or you can cycle there in just 15 minutes.

Rent for one semester: DKK 10,500 (incl. internet, electricity, heat, water). The rent must be paid in one instalment before arrival.

Rental period: 1 February – 30 June/ 1 August – 22 December

Accommodation on your own

Below you will find a list of useful links to accommodation sites. Be aware that housing in Aarhus is expensive and often unfurnished:


Jannie Sloth Hesselbjerg - Ansvarlig for praktik og internationalisering ved Aarhus Maskinmesterskole

Head of Internships and Internationalisation